Tibetan Political Leadership Election Campaign Underway

sikyong screenshot
Dr Lobsang Sangay / RFA

The Washington-based Radio Free Asia (Tibetan Language) interviewed the incumbent Sikyong, Dr Lobsang Sangay, the leading candidate in the forthcoming Sikyong (Political Leader) election, and posed some direct questions related to his Administration over the past four and half years.

The incumbent Sikyong’s strong contender is the incumbent Tibetan Parliament Speaker, Mr Penpa Tsering, who recently raised some serious questions of oversights and concerns on Sangay’s Administration during his election campaign speeches in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Dr Sangay’s campaign tour in the US, Canada and Switzerland is following the cities where Mr Tsering had already visited. The incumbent Sikyong said that he was requested by his supporters in the US to make clarifications on misinformation disseminated by the incumbent Speaker Penpa Tsering during his election campaign speeches in the US and Canada.

In this interview, the RFA anchor highlights some of the claims made by Speaker Penpa Tsering against Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and invites the incumbent Sikyong’s response.

As electorates, we look forward to positive election campaigns from both deserving candidates and especially from their core supporters.

One has to note that the forthcoming election is not simply about the winning of the highest offices in the exiled Tibetan Administration for either of these two great candidates but we should strive to use the ‘democracy’ bestowed upon the Tibetan people by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the most positive way as possible.

Good luck to both the candidates!


Author: Tsering Passang (Tsamtruk)

NGO Professional | Activist | Author | Founder and Chairman, Global Alliance for Tibet & Persecuted Minorities (GATPM)

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