British PM Boris Johnson cautions China on military threat, calls for peaceful dialogue with Taiwan

26th January 2022: Responding to a question on China’s ongoing military threat and invasion of Taiwan, from Rob Butler MP during the PMQs this afternoon, Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged that the Chinese military flights have taken place near Taiwan in recent days and months. He said it is not conducive to peace and stability in the region.

Prime Minister Johnson urged for restraint and calls for a peaceful and constructive dialogue by people on both sides of the Taiwan Straight. The British Prime Minister further added that Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and all his colleagues are working towards a peaceful resolution in the region.

Tsering Passang, Founder and Chairman of the Global Alliance for Tibet & Persecuted Minorities, said: “China must stop threatening its neighbours. First, Communist China invaded East Turkestan in 1949. A year later Tibet was invaded. In recent years we saw Beijing taking full control over the lives of people in Hong Kong by disregarding the international treaty, UK-China Joint Declaration regarding Hong Kong. China under Xi Jinping is now preparing a war with the people of Taiwan. The military invasion of this peaceful Island nation is a disaster in the 21st century. China is a real threat to the region and the wider world. It is time the CCP and its leaders show respect to the international rule-base system if China wants to be an important player on the world stage. It must respect the human rights including self-determination of the people of Taiwan.”

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Author: Tsering Passang (Tsamtruk)

NGO Professional | Activist | Author | Founder and Chairman, Global Alliance for Tibet & Persecuted Minorities (GATPM)

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